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Originally Posted by retrowagen View Post
One thing I think some of our American and non-British English-speaking friends might not realise, culturally, is that in English colloquialism, historically, the word "demon" connotates a sort of (sold-your-soul-to-the-Devil-) brilliance at something, i.e., "He's a demon tennis player!" or "There was a demon spin on that serve." Sort of the archaic Britslang equivalent of the more recent negative-positive slang word, "sick."
Originally Posted by coachrick View Post
Very interesting...the folks in Boston took similar liberties with "wicked", as in " a wicked good forehand".
Originally Posted by retrowagen View Post
Precisely! Well noticed. And I suspect Michael Jackson was suggesting that he actually was "good," not literally "Bad." (you know it, oooh!)

"That is one bad tennis racquet, really wicked, hits demon topspin, it's just sick"

Have I got the hang of it? So that's what this thread has come to, a lesson in street slang on the tennis court for the over 40's

(Now how about some practical options in how to deal with those pesky moths eating my vintage tennis balls please lol)

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