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How old is the string job and how notched are the mains?
My experiences are much better with full BM and BM crossed with PS Classic, but I don't normally start appling lotion until a stringjob is about 15 hours old and the mains are about 1/3 notched through. The lotion definitely makes the stiff bed softer and more playable for me (I play 4.0+ mostly baseline game with heavy topspin).

Next time I string a new full poly string job, I'll try lotion every 2 hours from the start just to see if I can tell any difference on newer strings.

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Just had an hours hit with this hand cream string job. I'm not seeing any difference. In fact, the black magic has stiffened up and feeling a bit low powered and nasty. Not noticing any increased spin. The ZX seems a bit wasted when the poly goes dead this quick.
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