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Originally Posted by Sinno79 View Post
Hi guys, wondering if you could give me some advice please. I have been a serial Blade 98 user over the last couple of yrs however have been really struggling with the new reincarnation of the blade, bizarrely as I've no had issues with the previous models but I'm really struggling for power on serves and groundstrokes and I finding it extremely hard to play with. Anyway, in an attempt to add some extra pop to my game I have shortlisted the new APD and the Extreme Pro 2.0 in light of your positive reviews.

Please could you let me know which racket of the two will provide extra control whilst still providing some extra pop compared to the blade. I mainly play a reasonably good standard of competitive doubles as opposed to singles so I am keen to find out which racket performs better in regards to serve & volley, chip returns etc.

Many thanks in advance.
Two great racquets, and they play pretty similar to each other. Both offer great access to power and spin, with decent control as well. They both offer more comfort in comparison to their predecessors as well.

Personally, I'd give the slight edge to the APD. It just has a little more power than the Extreme, so you feel like you have access to your full arsenal of shots. However, they are very similar, and if comfort is a big issue to you then I would recommend going with the Extreme, as it's a little softer and more plush. But you can't go wrong with either!

Andy, TW
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