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Originally Posted by retrowagen View Post
I'm no entomologist, but I believe I read it is the larvae who eat the textiles (wool). Do a google on "moth repellent" and see what you learn, though I think it'd be wisest to stay away from oils or things which could moisten or discolour your balls (umm, that sounded odd, didn't it? ).

Reportedly, dried orange peels also keep moths (who make larvae) away from things.
Thanks again, having had a quick look now, it seems it's the larvae and the moths eating the wool. I would rather use a repellant as you say, as the only other option I had was to wrap my balls in sealed plastic to keep the moths/larvae away, but i thought that might also be bad for my balls

Also if I stick cedar next to all my wool, what do the moths/larvae do then? Move on to cotton?
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