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My tennis experience/background: Male, 47 years old, USTA So Cal 4.0 level player (8-3 win-loose record in 2012).

Playing style: All courter in singles, Serve and volley in doubles.

Current shoe(s): Current version of the Adidas Barricade

Hours on playtest shoes: Approximately 40 hours, all on hard court.

Comfort: Compared to the Barricade this shoe felt a little more snug in the forefoot area, which I liked since my feet are on the narrow side. It was comfortable right from the beginning. It did not need any break-in, at least not for me. Cushioning was good. I have heel pain on my left foot and need shoes with good heel cushioning, which is the primary reason I play with Barricades. The heel cushioning on this shoe is more firm compared to my regular shoe, but its still good. I have not experienced any heel pain while wearing this shoe.

Arch Support: I have medium arch feet and the arch support on this shoe is fine.

Stability/Support: I have very good mobility, even at my age. In fact mobility is one of the strong areas of my game. This shoe is very good in this area. I like how snug my feet are inside the shoe. Whereas on my regular shoes, my feet will slide inside the shoe, this shoe just holds my feet in place. It gives me a lot of confidence in my movement.

Ventilation: I’ve never felt my feet getting too hot when wearing this shoe. Ventilation is good. I’m saying good only because its been cool here this past month and I haven’t worn this shoe in warm weather.

Sole/toe durability: I’m a toe dragger and like how the toes the toe area on this shoe is holding up. The toe area of my shoe usually have significant wear after a month of usage. These shoes’ toe area is holding up really well. I suspect I’ll wear out the sole of these shoes before I wear out the toe area.

The sole has some signs of wear in the usual areas but its nothing unusual. I would say that wear and tear is typical compared to other shoes with the 6 month outsole warranty.

Traction: I had a lot of confidence moving around the court while wearing this shoe. I’d say traction is very good.

Weight: This shoe felt light compared to my regular shoe. The weight of these shoes is not an issue for me.

Overall : I like these shoes. Support, comfort and traction are all strong points. I’m just waiting to see how fast I’ll wear through the soles but I think I found my new shoes.
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