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Originally Posted by DonDiego View Post
My suggestions, in order:

1-Keep playing with the BLX (2010 -- not 2012!) and put soft multis in it, in thinner gauges. I had a tennis elbow last summer and that's what I did. (Check my signature for a low-powered, ultra-comfortable setup.) I've never had better 1-hand BH than with this racquet.

2- Volkl C10 Pro. Almost exact same specs as the six one, but more maneuverable, and VERY comfortable, even with polys. You'll need a slight adjustment from your six one, but not that much.

3- About the Radical Pro (in your list): I found that adding 20 grams in the handle (either by choosing a smaller grip and adding a heat-shrink sleeve, or by putting a leather grip + overgrip) makes it almost identical to the six one 95 in terms of weight and balance. The racquet is more flexy and comfortable, but not as much as the C10 Pro.

4- Head Extreme Pro 2.0. Weird suggestion, you might think. But I swear, yo can go from the six one to this racquet in a middle of a match and you'll be fine (almost). Despite the difference in head size, they play similar and the Head is just as much precise. And don't be fooled by the stifness rating, it's a very comfortable frame. Night and day compared to the previous model.
Thanks for the input. I will try out the Radical Pro, I think that could work for sure.

What do you all think about the HEAD Speed IG 300? It has a flex of 60 RA and I could add weight to the handle to bring the balance to around 8pts HL
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