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First off, Centerforward71 thanks for making the effort of reviewing our products. We would like to add one piece of information to this post about our co-polyester strings (and this might be applicable to many other new co-polys on the market). Although tennis strings are a very subjective matter (as long as the fundamental quality of the string is good), and players of different ages and different levels usually prefer their strings to have certain characteristics (control, power, spin potential, recoil, feel, arm-friendliness, tension stability, durability, etc.), string tension plays a crucial factor for a tennis string to perform best. Although, for example, we have received great reviews from high level players that string a full set of Tour Status at 40 lbs and 58 lbs, in general, it appears that the new generation of co-polyester perform best at around 48 - 52 lbs.
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