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I want to add that another session with DURAFLUXX and it grows on me more each time that I take it out, Power has become a bit better and ball pocketing and spin are pretty good. Feel is still lagging here but its a poly. I have a couple of other string that I have been testing and at the end of each session I get the racquets and look at them and say "OK WHO AM I CUTTING OUT" Funny enough DURAFLUXX continues to make the cut and stay on the racquet !!

I feel at least for this string I probably overdid it on the tension and should have started at perhaps 53-54 for me. I have one more set and going to do string at 52.

Problem is I like poly at 60 and at 30 !! Lets see what happens more to come.

By the way I am playing their MULTI Triumph and just go a reel, phenomenal string, love this, if you play MULTI you gotta try it...
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