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Originally Posted by DustinW View Post
Has anybody tried adding some weight to the EXO3 Warrior? I've been playing with the PDR+ for a while and recently bouncing around on demos like Donnay P1, Extreme Pro 2.0, and others. I hit with a Warrior tonight and really like it. I spent a lot of time with the O3 White and Ozone Pro Tour in the last... so I guess it shouldn't surprise me that I liked it. It was even strung with a multi (which I usually hate).

But... I tend to prefer frames closer to 12 oz, so I'm just wondering how this one responds to a little weight. I remember the O3 White being really solid feeling despite it's low weight, and I thought the EXO3 Warrior had that solid/hefty feel... so maybe it's fine in stock form.
I played with it for a couple weeks, wanted more mass in the head but whenever I added it it got too powerful, especially any weight in the top half. I would try weight in the throat or at 6 o clock if I were to try it again. Plays great stock, I just wanted the feel of more mass in the head.
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