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Originally Posted by HunterST View Post
Got my radar out for a few serves. A few years ago I served in the 80s and I've improved a lot since then. was hoping for low 100s. Now, I have a pretty big serve. It forces errors and my opponents say consistently that it's tough.

Fastest serve: 88 mph
To be fair, receiving an 85+ mph serve, if placed within a foot or two of each line, is not easy to return for most 4.0- players.

Is your radar the SpeedTrac? In that case, you can safely add another 5% to each serve clocked, as it measures the speed of the ball as it approaches the device rather than right at contact. Doesn't change much, but the difference gets larger as you serve faster.

Speed will come from proper timing; personally, I instantly lose 20 mph on my flats if I lose my rhythm. Keep at it.
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