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I LOVE this thread! People always over estimate their greatness. I believe it's human nature.

I used to work at a golf shop making custom clubs. Multiple times each day I'd have guys come in looking for a new driver. Before I'd have them measured on any sort of device or see them swing I'd ask the following:
1) What are your average scores for 18?
2) How far do you hit your drives now in the air w/o roll?
3) What iron do you hit from 150 yards?

Without fail, I'd get the same answers each time:
1) 90-95
2) 260-275 yards
3) 8 or 9 iron.

I'd just shake their hand and show them our where our putters and wedges wedges were located. They'd almost always change their tune and insist they could become more consistent.

At the same time, I was working with a number of Ohio State golfers who'd go on to play on professional tours and had played many rounds of golf with them. They were hitting the ball in the range of the numbers the avg hackers were claiming to hit. This was the early 90s and all of these guys were claiming to be near professional player standards. It's simply not true!

The same goes for tennis! Agassi had trouble serving at 80 mph and couldn't hit 90 when he came on tour as a teen. He was still awesome compared to nearly everyone. Sure, he didn't have a Becker, Sampras, or professional level serve but he still had plenty of game. I play against guys who hit it hard. They still aren't hitting it over 100. I bet I see only a couple of guys in a season who do. I seriously doubt there are many people at or near 50+ that can hit a 100 mph serve! I'd go double or nothing on any bets that you can't hit 100+ too!
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