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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Dude, dont ruin another thread with your inability to act civilized. You're going to call out on people's egos when you refused to shake someone's hands, and claimed to be "off your game"? Please, you were one game away from smelling like a bakery shop, you just got owned. If you were competitive but "off your game", the scoreline would have been closer.
Hey, the guy was kidding !
Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
Dripping in irony...
You almost got it ... but then didn't.

Originally Posted by TTMR View Post
Your opponent is of the "new breed" of tennis player that feel the need to be politically correct and try to act like a saint on and off court at all times. I guess they fear bad publicity in this media-driven world.

The tennis community needs more Macs, Connors', Nastases and Rios'. Remember that women like the bad boy racquet smashers like Marat Safin. They care nothing for the calm stolidity of a John Isner. To whom would you rather be akin?
Let see .. we've got Serena. And then that "be quiet okay, shuddup, you **ing touched it" guy ... oh yeah federer.

I chuckled at your last para about the 6-0 loss, reminded me of another guy once started a thread about being bageled by a much inferior player calling him a pusher.
They never see you coming, do they, Tom ?
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