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F(length) = 14 x L / #length-strings <result in kg>

F(width) = 21 x B / #width-strings <result in kg>

F(length) (kg) = tension strength in length
F(width) (kg) = tension strength in width
L = length of inner blade (cm)
B = width of inner blade (cm)
#length-strings = number of strings in length of blade
#width-strings = number of strings in width of blade

These results do calculate the maximum tension (100%).
To calculate a softer tension, decrease the result with respectively 5, 10, 15 or 20% to:
95% hardhitter and/or spinplayer
90% mediumhitter
85% comfortable of light arm injury
80% short swing with less control of arm injury

A Racket with 18 length- and 18 width-strings, length inner blade 33cm, width inner blade 24cm for a hardhitter:
F(length) = 14 x 33 / 18 = 25,6kg
F(width) = 21 x 24 / 18 = 28kg

The harder the tension of a string is applied, the more control the hitting of the bal but the less power the ball gets.
The softer the tension of a string is applied, the less control the ball gets but the more power the ball gets.
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