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Originally Posted by fuzz nation View Post
I suppose this depends on the specific racquet. Because the softer C10s gave me an instant boost in control from the back court, they helped me to hit more aggressively and still play around the net with a lot of authority - they're softer, but still rather hefty (and powerful). I needed to perpetually hold back to some degree with my 6.1 Classics to keep my strokes down on the court, so in my case, the extra control that I found with the softer racquets sort of enabled a more aggressive game.

No arguing with the snappy respose and volleying authority that comes with a stiffer frame (that also has the heft of a Six.One). I'd probably still use mine if I didn't get better control and consistency from a softer alternative. I think I offered the Volkl 10 series models for consideration because it sounds like you want that Wilson performance in a more arm-friendly layout.
This is why I went Volkl. The stiff Wilson stuff has its fun moments, but longterm negative pains. The Volkl let me swing out, so I had more real-world control and didn't have to worry about restraint so much.

I wouldn't get uptight about the lesser flex. It's not much difference, in practical terms. I remember seeing the math on these things and it's irrelevant in terms of your ball's pace.
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