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Originally Posted by stapletonj View Post
"hit a few balls hard across the net and into the back tarp after losing a point"

This was where IMHO, you stepped across the line.
The yelling at yourself. slapping (your) back curtain while the ball was not in play, dropping or tossing your racket ( as long as the match progress is not impeded time wise) is less than ideal behavior, but not enough to justify the other party quitting on you. v*g*nafied if that was all you did.

BUT....slamming the balls across the net (he has to go chase them down and might have been hit by one) was def. over the line., but I would've at least given you a warnign before quitting (or coming across the net at you if I got hit by one of those balls)

Of course if your muttering was "I can't believe I'm losing to this chump who can play at all, who is ugly and his mother dresses him funny", then he was perfectly justified in bailing on you.
Lol. That's not what I was muttering. All the muttering was about myself and the stupid shot selections and at times bad execution of my shots. Just was not feeling it.

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