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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post

you need to throw the head of the racquet like a baseball on a sidearm throw. on a side arm throw the arm is loose and the hand/ball is the last thing to go forward. it's whipped around by the body and everything else. also like pitching a baseball. forget the racquet, forget the wrist and arm. just throw the head. feel the weight of the head lag behind. no tension in elbow and hand. look at a sidearm baseball thrower or even pitcher. the wrist and elbow is loose and the ball lags behind. ppl who can't throw have the ball near their ear and the push the ball. just like when ppl arm a raquet around.
This is key. I think it is why I have a pretty big forehand. I played shortstop as a kid and had that throw down. And it is funny because when I started playing again and cracking forehands, it felt the same. I just never thought of it like this. But it really is the same motion and feeling.
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