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Originally Posted by sovertennis View Post
Interesting that so many of the responses here have been scornful of the opponent, but we've read only Blue Train's account of his Day of Rage. Slamming balls back across the net (ie toward you opponent) is really aggressive, inappropriate behavior. Combine that with the throwing of the racket, etc, and I'm not sure I'd want to be on the court with you either. You manned-up by apologizing though, which is the upshot of the whole episode.
Again, maybe he's slightly oversensitive, and nice of people to give me a "thumbs up" for taking responsibility for my behavior, but all of this is my doing, my fault. I don't think he was being inordinately uptight, and I don't think he was crazy to want to stop. IMO, there's nothing to be scornful about in regards to him. He explained why he wanted to stop, not only the direct reason (my behavior), but a historical reason (he's not enjoyed playing leagues in the past due to opponents behavior), and he didn't storm off court. He allowed me to address the problem.

I really don't act like that all the time. But, yes, it does happen sometimes. And, it probably doesn't help that three people who I very regularly play singles with are generally worse than I am in terms of poor behavior (again, not all the time, but it does happen regularly.) I guess that gave me a false sense of what is normal, acceptable. That sort of behavior usually doesn't doesn't bother me unless my opponent gets so upset that they basically tank the match, going for stupid, angry shots. But, clearly it ruins it for some people, and I really don't want to ruin it for them. I can generally enjoy myself either way - calm or obnoxious, do why not calm down for his sake?

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