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Originally Posted by krz View Post
What's a 5.0 woman? When I was in school the DI women at our school would wipe the floor with all but maybe a couple of the mens club team.

This is a 4.0 dude:

college womens tennis: (even that junk baller/pusher at 2:25 would bagel those guys above)
This is an unfair comparison. Maj conference D1 is at least 5.5, and yes, they would crush any 4.0 male. D3 is 5.0 according to the self-rating guidelines.

Here is a more representative video of D3 women.

The level is A LOT closer to men's 4.0, although still a little better than almost all mens 4.0 rec tennis.

EDIT: Watching Ms Greenberg is mesmerizing (@2:55...).

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