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I think you acted like an immature brat when you threw your "tantrum".

But I also think you redeemed yourself and acted like a mature, professional adult when you apologized and promised to be on your best behavior for the rest of the match.

FYI - Tantrums are RARELY tolerated in golf among golfers. Probably because it's so much easier to continue playing a round of golf WITHOUT the tantrum thrower, whereas in tennis, you need a minimum of 2 players to play.

Originally Posted by bluetrain4 View Post
I'm a really nice guy, seriously. But, when playing tennis, I can get obnoxious. Not all the time, but sometimes Today, I was playing a guy I know from my racquet club but had never played in singles. I was playing awful in the first set and started muttering loudly to myself, hit a few balls hard across the net and into the back tarp after losing a point, threw my racquet against the tarp from a close distance, but pretty hard, and was generally acting like a child.

My opponent threw up his hands, and said "that's it, I'm through." I can understand his annoyance, but I was surprised he'd actually want to stop. I play singles regularly with a couple of guys who can be obnoxious just like me to varying degrees, and we generally just laugh at each other's antics when it's all over.

But, anyway, I took his disgust to heart. As he came to the net to collect his stuff, I simply asked him to give me another chance. I said, "I'm genuinely sorry, you're right, it's immature and obnoxious, I'll stop." He explained to me that obnoxious players is one of the reasons he stopped playing in certain leagues. Is he maybe a little oversensitive? Maybe, but I totally think he had a legit point. I mean, I am an adult and should know better. During a change over, and the end of the match, I apologized again, and told him it was a good wake up call.

And, I actually played much better thereafter (though, in all honesty, I have freaked out in the past and still played well).

But, anyway, lesson learned.
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