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Originally Posted by gameboy View Post
OP was behaving like an a-hole.

I would have walked off after the first smashed ball. Would have done the same with a USTA match if it Continued.

It is good that the OP realized the error of his ways. The responses, however, are disturbing to say the least. I see now why there are so many posts about cheating and hooking on this board. If you guys are such a big a-holes, I may try to squeeze you too.
I have to agree that the responses have been disturbing. I am relatively old with my best tennis long in the past and am out to enjoy myself on the court. I have little to no tolerance for bad behavior or cheating in friendly matches. I get enough stress at work and even at home and don't need it on the tennis court. I like competitive matches and don't mind (and even like) the occasional outburst from an opponent, but don't like when it is constant, directed at the opponent, or disruptive to others around.

I have been pretty lucky over the last couple of years with most people having similar attitudes and looking to enjoy playing. I've only walked away from 2 matches, and only have a handful of people on my no play list. I am careful about playing with the U30 crowd though as they tend to be a bit more problematic.
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