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You point out that Azarenka doesn't have the pace of Serena or Maria, so maybe Radwa can deal with her better if she can make some adjustments. I'd also point out that Maria is by far a worse mover than any of those three players, and in terms of Radwa playing her, that's what she needs to exploit via drop shorts, short angles, surprise attacks, hitting behind Maria.

But, again, it's easy just to say that. If you're pinned behind the court and simply trying to get balls back, it's tought to implement an affirmative strategy. And, most of the time on her own serve, she's not ahead in the point after the serve, and many times not even neutral.
I agree. Azarenka is basically doing what Radwanska should be trying to do. Stand on the baseline, absorb pace and redirect it from side to side. Serena has a more difficult time with Azarenka than Sharapova (comparatively) because of the depth and non-standard width on her shots. Serena loves pace. I always marvel at how commentators never point out how weak Azarenka's serve really is, but that is because she does not back off after the serve but attacks the opponent's return (to the extent possible; if it is a rocket, no chance) by directing it deep away from them, immediately putting them on the run.

Radwanska needs to take balls even earlier because when Azarenka does that and makes her run, she just doesn't miss, and the same pattern plays out over and over again.
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