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we have discussed the platinum before I dont know if you remember but it was when I was deciding whether to purchase one or not. Well been playing with it for about a year now and my impressions and questions are as follows.

Preface: previous racqs were all prestige mids from the flexpoint to the latest innegra.

Increased topspin for sure. My shot really jumps off the court now and the angles are just insane. Beat many higher ranked players with it. Less depth on the slices though and on defensive shots. Which is unfortunate. And against hard hitters face a problem redirecting their shots if they are hugging the baseline the shots that is.

So what I want to know is whether it is due to the thin beam of the dual x platinum mid as compared to the prestige or is it the weight difference.

I am asking this as I see the 330 grams unstrung x platinum you have on this thread and I am positively intrigued by that.

I wish I had a chance to play with the xred as well as I have only heard great things about that. When you have the time I would appreciate a reply. Thanks ever so much.
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