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Originally Posted by Govnor View Post
So how would a 4.5 male do against those 5.5 Girls.....?
Hmm....I'm a 4.5 but am out of shape and mostly play doubles these days. Honestly it would depend on how they return my lefty kick serve and adjust to my unorthodox style of play. I tend to hit flat, take the ball early, and play an aggressive all court game, typically looking to close into the net. If they could adjust to that style I would be in big trouble.

But from my experience, most gals (even at 5.5) don't see that style all that often. I've played with a 5.5 gal in 10.0 Mixed quite a few years ago. She played at IU, great ground strokes and returns, but didn't have much of a net game. If I remember right, we lost to a strong 5.0 man and weaker 5.0 woman in a close contest.

I'd say on the average, the 5.5 gal would win most of the time.

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