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Originally Posted by Govnor View Post
So how would a 4.5 male do against those 5.5 Girls.....?
I used to play a lot of mixed doubles leagues and usually a 4.5 female is roughly comparable to a 4.0 male.

To try and answer your question Govnor, I'm a computer rated 4.5 player and a former D1 walk on over 10 years ago and I have coached a girl since she was 10 and now she has a full ride to a D1 school here in SoCal and was inside the top 100 G18s nationally and has beaten a few top 50 girls as well. I personally don't know if she WOULD be considered a 5.5 tho because I don't think I've actually seen a 5.5 woman that would admit that she was rated at that level and I'm terrible at rating people at that high a level lol.

Anyways we played 2 sets last week and on the 1st set I got belted 3-6. I think I only held serve twice and I felt I was serving pretty well lol :/. I was getting pressured on my FH side and making a lot of UEs and that is currently my go to wing. 2nd set I won 6-4 but I made several adjustments and lowered my UEs considerably. If it was an actual best 2 out of 3 set match I don't think I had enough left to take the 3rd set and could easily have lost it 2 or 3.

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