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Thought it was a given the match is 4.0 man to 4.8 women, or about 8/10th difference. Could be 7/10th, of course....not a full point.
D1 singles girl, a 5.5, kills any 4.0 man, would most likely beat most 4.5 men, unless they had at least two real weapons.
JRB... bi weekly, I play with a couple of State ranked junior girls, top 10's. One plays 12's, the other 16's. Their DAD says the girls have no chance against me, a crippled, old, blind self admitted 3.5 singles player. The girls don't like it when I play for real either.
However, I did USED to play A/Open NorCal mens, and have really lost only in running speed and direction changing.
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