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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
The woman (she's 30) that beat me 10-3 is, I think, a bit better than the players at 2:25 (in the second vid). I don't think those women would beat either of the first pair of guys, but I think they would beat either of the second pair of guys.
Originally Posted by J_R_B View Post
I'm not sure if you really understand what you are looking at.
That's entirely possible. I did after all qualify my opinions with: "But this is all just unqualified guessing on my part. Really, being a very inexperienced player myself (although I've watched tennis throughout my life), I have no well formed (or very informed) opinion on this."
Originally Posted by J_R_B View Post
The point that started at 2:25 was a 19 shot rally that ended with a backhand overhead angle winner. I don't remember any rally in the first 4.0 vid going more than 4 shots maybe? Those girls would destroy either of the guys without even breaking a sweat.
We're talking about the girls playing from 2:04 to 3:48 in this vid (right?):

If so, then from 2:04 to 2:12 I see a weak serve, an ok return, some decent but not particularly compelling hitting in a 4-stroke rally ended by netting an easy forehand.
From 2:13 to 2:16, a decent serve, soft bunted return, easy volley netted.
From 2:19 to 2:22, a decent serve, nice return, and an unforced error.
From 2:25 to 2:58, a weak serve, weak return, and lots of weak shots in a rally that was less compelling than some of the 15 to 20 shot rallies I've seen between sub 4.0 players. (In fact, not long ago I watched what had to be about a 25 shot rally between a couple of 3.25 grinders that was absolutely scintillating compared to this rally.)
From 3:00 to 3:48, a weak serve, weak return, another long rally with lots of weak hitting.

I'm sorry but from what I've seen the solid 3.5s to 4.0s I play against simply wouldn't let those girls into a point -- which is what I think would happen in a match between the younger male 4.0s in the first vid and these girls.

As for the backhand overhead angle winner, it was a nice shot, but not overly impressive. Most any player above 3.0, if they have any athletic aptitude at all, should be able to pull something like that off once in a while. Even I've done it.
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