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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
From 2:25 to 2:58, a weak serve, weak return, and lots of weak shots in a rally that was less compelling than some of the 15 to 20 shot rallies I've seen between sub 4.0 players. (In fact, not long ago I watched what had to be about a 25 shot rally between a couple of 3.25 grinders that was absolutely scintillating compared to this rally.)
From 3:00 to 3:48, a weak serve, weak return, another long rally with lots of weak hitting.

I'm sorry but from what I've seen the solid 3.5s to 4.0s I play against simply wouldn't let those girls into a point -- which is what I think would happen in a match between the younger male 4.0s in the first vid and these girls.

As for the backhand overhead angle winner, it was a nice shot, but not overly impressive. Most any player above 3.0, if they have any athletic aptitude at all, should be able to pull something like that off once in a while. Even I've done it.
LOL. You definitely have no idea what you're watching. The rallies aren't exactly "compelling" to watch, but if a 4.0 or lower player tried to play with them, they would fail miserably.

2:33 - Pair of heavy topspin groundstrokes.
2:36 - Moonball, again with heavy top. That ball hits 8 ft up on the back fence if the other girl don't take a chop at it. That chop shot off a ball coming off the court with that much spin is no easy shot.
2:39 - Short ground stroke is a mistake and the response is a penetrating slice backhand that pins the other girl behind the baseline and forces a weak return.
2:48 - Even better slice backhand to the corner requires a lunging forehand to save.
2:50 - Overhead to the forehand corner is run down (excellent defense).
2:52 - Penetrating slice to the backhand corner is once again run down with a "squash shot" defensive lob.
2:55 - Running backwards, back to net backhand overhead lands on the opposite service box corner for a winner.

4.0's don't have ANY of those shot much less all of them.
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