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I think Agnieszka is smarter than Caroline and she's the superior player she is more aggressive can volley at the net and has a lot of variety. Wozniacki is bigger than Caroline but she's not using her game properly. Wozniacki has an even worse forehand than Radwanska. Agnieszka can flatten out her forehand to hit winners. I don't think Wozniacki ever hits winners off her forehand she just loops the ball which isnt' smart. Agnieszka also fired her father as her coach two years ago because he was holding her back! That's independence right there, Agnieszka KNEW if she wanted to improve she needed to get rid of her dad as a full time coach because he was putting too much pressure on her. Now look at Agnieszka she's in the top 5. Now Agnieszka says she has a better relationship with her dad because he's in the background.

Agnieszka can indeed improve the serve especially the second serve. I think Agnieszka can continue to improve her forehand I watched the tape and she wasn't offensive enough she just hit the ball back to the center of the court. Against Serena that's not going to work she needed to be more aggressive go for the lines a bit more. She also did not attack Serena's second serve which I believe she can do with her backhand.

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