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You mean the same Ferrer that just reached the final of Miami? It is amazing how people underestimate the footwork, the mental strength, the ability to get to any ball, the ability to hit a ball back over and over that cannot be easily attacked. There's more to tennis than hitting hard.
Yes the 30 year old Ferrer who has in an over decade long career managed a grand 0 slam finals and 1 Masters title (even if he wins a 2nd this weekend and I actually like him and hope he does he will still be no more than a poor mans Chang or Hewitt). Your insinuation I only look at power is laughable considering I was conceding Radwanska has more special qualities in her game than Ferrer does, when in terms of pure power Radwanska even per gender cant break an egg compared to Ferrer. Even the things you mentioned that are really good about Ferrer, have been seen better in all categories by many others in the last decade. Ferrer is just your generic good baseliner, who will never get beyond where he is roughly now, and the powerless Radwanska actually has a far more creative game than he does, but badly needs more power to go with that given the kind of players on top in the WTA today to go with that. Then again werent you the one who insisted Wozniacki had a greater career than many 1 slam winners, so expecting you to make sense would be like expecting TMF or FakeDjokovicFanWin to, lol!
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