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Originally Posted by Sakkijarvi View Post
Playing a singles match, club match with USTA format. Win the first set, down 1-4 in the second and feel energy slipping away. Tank rest of second set, save energy for 10 point super tiebreaker, hang on to win it 10-8. Bad sportsmanship or good tactics?
Good tactics or not is debatable, I personally think the strategy has it's merits ... but definitely not bad sportsmanship.

Originally Posted by TennisDawg View Post
No, I don't think it's bad strategy and no rules were broken. You won the match fair and square. My questions are if you're partner is tired after a 6-4 first set, why would he be in any better shape in a 3rd set?? And you're partner should look into getting himself in shape to play tennis, he/she has to go 2 of 3 sets or else join a league with a 1-set format.
The idea is that after the first set his partner had enough energy for 1 more set but probably not 2. And since they were already behind in the 2nd set he did not want to risk using his partners energy in an attempt to come back only to fail and then not have the energy required to be competitive in the 3rd set.

By tanking the 2nd set he saved the energy his partner did have left to play from an even position in the 3rd set.
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