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Originally Posted by monfed View Post
Ralphfan20, I think what most people are trying to convey to you is that you're comparing apples to oranges. Now I'm sure Mr Bo Jackson is some athletic beast(don't think too many are questioning that) but so is Federer when it comes to impeccable footwork, explosive movement, mindblowing hand-eye coordination , so on and so forth.
Now I'm sure, Nadal fans have little to no respect for the weak era 17 time fluke slam clown Frauderer but one has to use the right equipment to weigh either player's accomplishments which was probably not done by ESPN.
Pretty much this. Yeah 40 yard dashes, bench presses, and long jumps are all valid measures of athleticism, but they are not the only measures of athleticism. Not everything is about power and explosiveness. Being a brilliant football(soccer) or tennis player require incredible amounts of natural talent. You can't just say Pele is nowhere near Bo Jackson because he was 5 ft 8 and played futbol.
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