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Federer is the best tennis player all time hands down. But its one sport. Bo Jackson was a professional/olympic level athlete at 6 sports. Not only professional, but heisman winner, america amateur world record setter and two sport all star. If his career wasn't cut short by a freak injury, he probably would have been even greater.
That's incredible and I'm sure he's deserving of the award.

I mean no disrespect to Bo Jackson but being great at 6 different sports kindof makes me wonder if he was the best at any ONE sport?
Like take for example cricket: Most historians consider Sir Don Bradman as the greatest batsman and also the greatest cricketer of all time but Sir Gary Sobers who was an allrounder(legend with both ball and bat) isn't considered the greatest(when he excelled at both batting and bowling).
Just thought I'd put this rather random info out there for you to consider but hey I'm watching some of Bo Jackson's youtube vids right now and I can see why he's considered the greatest,the man was a dynamite.
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