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Now I know you are an emotional fanboy. First, I never said "Bo was not the greatest athlete because he ran a fast 40?" What the hell are you talking about? Anyway, I was being sarcastic when I mentioned 40 yard dashes and bench presses; The idea was not to put down the light of your life, Bo Jackson; the point I was making is that the list did not give tremendous athletes like Pele and Gretzky the credit they deserved
Look bo-boy, I never claimed that my opinion had more weight than Phil Knight or ESPN analyst. It was your love-stricken self that posted Phil Knight's opinion and acted like you had just set the record straight for everyone; that is faulty logic. No intelligent human being dumps his/her opinions just because a person with authority has different ones;especially if you have thought-out your opinions and have good reason to believe them. Pat Cash has stated that John Mcenroe is the most talented player ever. John Mcenroe claims that Nadal is a better volleyer than Federer. Are you saying that anyone who has a different opinion than Cash and Mcenroe has delusions of grandeur? Should everyone just accept their opinions and move on like spineless cowards because they lack Wimbledon titles? Maybe you do, but not everyone is as black and white as you are.
Pat Cash and John Mcenroe are commentators, Phil Knight has built the most successful business in sports on judging talent in regards to his marketing campaigns. I'm sorry your astronomical IQ can't tell the difference. The fact that you mentioned 40 times and bench presses to downplay Jackson's athleticism just shows the fact that you probably don't know what type of athlete he really was. Or we can rewind the tape and pretend it was sarcasm.

I'm not a particular fan of Bo Jackson, this is the same argument as when people say Nadal or Sampras are the GOAT of tennis, its wrong, Fed is. But would you call me a fed fanboy? No. Its the same thing here. The dude walked into an NFL lockerroom and put on pads and became an all star without touching a football for 2 years. He set HS track and field records in events he had never done before as a freshman in HS. Its just facts.
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