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Pat Cash and John Mcenroe are commentators, Phil Knight has built the most successful business in sports on judging talent in regards to his marketing campaigns. I'm sorry your astronomical IQ can't tell the difference. The fact that you mentioned 40 times and bench presses to downplay Jackson's athleticism just shows the fact that you probably don't know what type of athlete he really was. Or we can rewind the tape and pretend it was sarcasm.


Bolded part: Don't be sorry. I'm perfectly happy in believing that the Nike chairman is not some omniscient being who speaks nothing but universal truths. What I'm sorry about is that you can't see the parallels between the Mcenroe/Cash argument and your own; both are illogical appeals to authority.

It was sarcasm. You are just too daft to pick up on it and were acting like a Bo-zealot.

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