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Now that the winter rains have started to dwindle and spring is here, I am finally able to hit. I have been switching back and forth between the Ki5 and the Q5 315 for the past couple of sessions. I love the Ki5 and still call it my main racquet, but after the past couple of hitting sessions with the Q5, the Ki5 may be a backup.

I have been mostly hitting from the baseline and I have been loving the added stiffness of the Q5. It is less flexible and I seem to be also plowing through the ball a little better. I have pretty well developed strokes with a topspin forehand and a 1hbh that switches between 80% topspin, 5% flat and 15% slice. I am really driving the backhand and results are great. I am really quite confident especially in my backhand. Forehands have been great as well. I was not liking the Q5 at first because I was not feeling the ball the same way I do with the Ki5. I was feeling slightly disconnected from the ball. I am over it now though.

One little pet peeve I have is the paint job of the Q5. My wedding ring has caused a couple of small chips at the throat from when I got back to ready position on volleys. I have never had that happen before. Also with the high gloss black paint, scratches are a little more noticeable. That may seem pretty ridiculous for some, but I have am very careful and meticulous about looking after my gear.
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