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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
well , my opinion, contrary to yours and almost anybody else is that Connors has a better reason to be nš 1 in 77 than in 76.

In 1976 he only played a major final - he won it deservedly-.BTW, that FH final must rank as one of the most emotional ever at the open,IMO.

In 1977 he took the two major indoors ( in one of the finals beating Borg, even if losing in the rr to Vilas) BUT ALSO played the Wimbledon and US Open finals.

Maybe he didnīt have as many minor wins as in 76, but in the big events he fared far better...

so 1977 Connors outclasses 1976 Connors.
Hello Kiki!

I don't rate the WCT Finals fields in 1976 and 1977 as being particularly strong. Prior years especially were stronger.76 lacked Connors and 77 lacked Borg. Not a deciding factor in my eyes. Connors winning the 77 Masters over Borg was much more worthy.
1976 Connors was better overall in my view, won more tournaments, had a better win-loss record and won a Grand Slam tournament under pressure, beating Borg in probably the crunch showdown of the year fairly and squarely.
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