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Originally Posted by luishcorreia View Post

What si the effect of bending or cocking your wrist while serving?

I noticed that when I do this my serve is way... way better. More spin, more power and more consistent.

I grab the racquet with a continental grip anyway but my wrist is more bent. A bit like Raonic.

What is the effect? More spin? More snap through the contact point? I never heard anyone talk about this.
I don't know, but I don't think it's important. If you notice in the video, it becomes aligned with the forearm (beginning at about 0:17 in the video) during the evolution of the service anyway. Maybe it has some effect like the "pat the dog" think with forehands.

If it works for you, if you feel it's causing improved serving, then of course go with it. But, yeah, I've never heard any talk about this either.
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