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Originally Posted by Ehh View Post
Why are you predicting Djokovic will win so many more slams than Nadal? They are basically the same age. Nadal's time out has given him a fresh start.

They will split slams fairly equally between them for the next half decade, if not Nadal winning more than Djokovic, since he has recently turned the H2H momentum in his favor.

Basically, for the next 5 years (20 slams), I think no-one but Nadal and Djokovic will win slams, and Nadal may win more of those 20 slams than Djokovic, meaning Nadal will get to 20 or more, and Djokovic will probably get close to 15 as well.
These predictions are way too high IMO. If Djokovic got to 15 slams and Nadal got to 20 I would be absolutely shocked. And until Nadal beats Djokovic off clay he hasn't turned anything around. It's like Federer beating Nadal on indoor HC. Even though Nadal has a dominant H2H you expect Fed to beat him on indoor HC.
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