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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
just came back hitting with the silver lite ext.

it had msv red hex on there around 53lb. initial hit is pretty good. its really a very good control stick. I was really impressed how much control I had for being an extended. I couldn't generate as much spin as compared to my bb NYC but after all it is a control stick.
shanked a couple of balls initially due to the length but even then very comfy.
what really I noticed is serving, dtl, CC, sliders, a lot more pace and accuracy. only thing I can't do are kickers, back is killing me today.
I will prob cut out the strings and put on a high gauge multi with a low tension and see if I can generate more pace.
don't think I will switch over from my moded stick now but great to satisfy my curiosity of donnay sticks. for such a thin beam, it is extremely stable! very impressed.
Thanks for the update CoolBlue. Good to know you found it pretty stable, because it is light. I'll be putting a hybrid of Big Hitter Blue Rough 17g mains and Klip Kicker 17g crosses at about 52 I reckon. Do you have a 2hb? I've got a 1hb so wondering how extended length will go. Also, the stiffness rating is 66. Did it feel like that? Or softer?
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