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Originally Posted by Mike2228 View Post
I just jogged about 1/3 a mile and not very fast. It doesn't sound like much, but for me I think it is an accomplishment. It is something to build on.
this is good!

When i first returned to tennis, i couldn't finish my 1st practice session because i was winded; I lasted less than 40 mins and was demoralised. But i stuck with it, practicing regularly and focused on eating and sleeping well, by the end of the month i was doing 1.5 hour training sessions and feeling happy at the end.

build up gradually. just make sure you're making progress. also, the bike is low impact if jogging and running becomes too much for your joints. you'll probably want to mix it up. just make sure that it becomes part of your daily routine and that you rest well at night.

Getting a personal trainer might be useful if it is in your budget. Even if only someone you meet weekly basis to catch up on your progress.
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