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Your story is fascinating. I'm rooting for you. Can you share with us exactly how you managed to double your weight in 6 years? Tons of people don't exercise one bit, and do not gain 150 lbs. It's not because you were sedentary. Were you eating like crazy? Do you think it was more hormonal and biological?
Well, it's a long story and not really one I've ever shared with anyone in my personal life but about (probably closer to) 5 years ago I had a psychotic episode. Diagnosis schizophrenia. I was hospitalized several times the shortest being like a weekend and the longest 3 months. Basically I was hearing voices. The voices led to extreme anxiety and the anxiety led to suicidal thoughts and even actions. One time i ate something like 300 aspirin, most of which I vomited up which is probably why I'm still here. The suicidal thing led to depression and that all led to social isolation and apathy. I was at times sleeping 12-14 hours a day. The isolation distanced me from the friends I use to hike, mountain bike and play various sports with and my job was gone too. The hours i was awake we spent mostly in front of the TV. I also overate and and really ate too much of the wrong stuff (hot pockets and microwavable pizzas, chips and whatever else was around). The doctor said the medicine I was taking at the time probably was not helping matters though that is an excuse I don't use because I was doing nothing healthy. Anyway these past 3 years have been going well. The medicine and therapy have helped. I seldom have any voices bothering me. Still apathy can be an issue but I'm very thankful to have survived the experience.
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