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Originally Posted by tennisBIEST View Post
Man I feel you OP! I suspect the majority of us have acted out....some worst than others...admit it! I have launched rackets, cursed in the presence of children(so ashamed), smoked balls back you name it. I have played many guys who have done the same. Never have I seen someone quit though. I mean were you threatening him? Doesn't sound like it. I know its just rec. tennis but the moment someone accepts a match its on! Weird though I never get mad when I'm winning. I try to always win.
Like you I have engaged in all of those behaviours, and more that do not bear public repetition, but on the last point you and I differ. Generally, when I am losing I become dejected and despondent, and begin to pout/tank for the rest of the match. I just say to myself (and to my opponent) "Hey, I'm off my game today, I'll win next time" and move on.

What I truly hate is when I am ahead and winning, and then all of a sudden I start spraying balls or dumping them into the net. Two or three of those in a row and the profanity streams forth, racquets get smashed and balls are launched over the fence home run style.

While I've never had someone walk out on me mid-tirade, I did have a couple who refused to lend me a racquet after I smashed both of mine. One even proceeded to "politely" lecture me about my maturity level. I guess these country club snobs prefer their tennis to be played with others who share their casual elitism and calm aloofness. That's rec tennis for you.
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