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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Picture this.

4.0 ladies doubles. Cindy in the ad court, her partner in the deuce court.

Cindy is coming to net. Opponents hit a high ball up the middle. Cindy's partner cannot/will not take this ball as a high BH overhead. Partner cries, "Help!" or "Can't!" or "You!"

And then partner remains at the net in the deuce service box and squats down some.

Meanwhile, Cindy takes the ball as a high FH approach volley from no man's land, crossing well into the deuce court to do so. As she makes contact, she and her partner are in an I formation.

I'm sorry, but I am not a fan of all this squatting. If you cannot play a ball such that your partner has to go behind you and hit it, you need to *switch.* If you remain in front of me, half the court is undefended.

More importantly, you have greatly restricted what I can do with that ball. If you cross over as soon as you request help, I can safely hit a diagonal ball between the two opponents if their ad player stays back, and it might be a winner. Or I can play it straight ahead to the deep player. Or I can attack the middle if they are at net.

If you squat there in front of me, you take away my options. You also force me to hit and then move sharply back to my original position in the ad court for the next shot. There's a good chance I won't make it back in time.

And that squat you are doing?

It's not as low as you think it is.
You being in back are the only one (on your team) that can see MORE of the court and setup, therefore it's your job to be calling switch etc. Just the way i see it though...

I'm not saying your partner couldn't do so as well, but IMO she said "yours", you go get it while calling "switch" as you are in control and have best visual perspective.

Obviously the longer a team plays together reduces the communications needed etc.

edit: also i didn't read the whole thread so if there are more revelations than i could be wrong, but my general rule still applies (at least for me and my partners).

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