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We all play for different reasons; some of us for exercise, some for competitiveness, etc.

I used to go crazy when I was a kid. I've been on both sides. It's ridiculous either way. Have you noticed how stupid, childish, foolish, etc. the other guy looks while carrying on? Guess what? You did too. I can see why someone wouldn't want to be associated with that person. I wouldn't want to be there either; especially, when you are sailing balls into the net behind me instead of just hitting them to me. I certainly don't want to have to chase down your tantrums. You can throw and break stuff on your side of the court which is unsportsmanlike but when you bring it to my side, I'm going to let you know just as your opponent did. I'm sure he has other people he can play and not have to deal with antics.

If you couldn't tell, I think he made the right choice. That said, I'm glad you apologized and he gave you another chance.

In this instance with the details as we know them, I think you both did the right thing.
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