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Originally Posted by Goosehead View Post
actually im sure lou was chosen as 'the incredible hulk' over arnie because lou was tall and muscular..arnie was shorter or something..but arnie did keep destroying lou at those 1970s mr universe contests..
Yes, you are correct. This happened at the time of Mr Olympia shows of the mid 70s, when the classic Pumping Iron film was being made, and body building was going mainstream. Arnie auditioned, but was denied due to be short.

Interestingly, it was during an sit down interview with Lou Ferringo, and a certain Terry Bollea, that lead to everyone saying that Terry Bollea made Lou look small...Terry Bollea was told that he was the real hulk. Terry Bollea went onto to become Hulk Hogan, arguably the biggest name in pro wrestling history.
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