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Originally Posted by Ashley D View Post
Thanks for the update CoolBlue. Good to know you found it pretty stable, because it is light. I'll be putting a hybrid of Big Hitter Blue Rough 17g mains and Klip Kicker 17g crosses at about 52 I reckon. Do you have a 2hb? I've got a 1hb so wondering how extended length will go. Also, the stiffness rating is 66. Did it feel like that? Or softer?
np, I have a 2hb. didn't feel the stiffness at all. its really comfy. I think bcz I put lead on the 4/6, it felt a little slower. I am thinking cutting them msv, and putting some multi in there and see what happens. trying to draw more power. too bad I love my bb's so much else would try to make this work out.

did I mention the serve off this stick is wicked?
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