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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Lendl in 82 had a better year than Connors in 76, winning 10 WCT events and a bunch of GP titles as well as Dallas,Masters and reaching US open final.

and, still, anybody places Connors at number 1, based solely on his W&USO runs.
Lendl's 82 is inferior to Connors' 76. Lendl was winless in the top three events of the year: he lost in the USO final, was upset by Wilander at RG and didn't even try at the biggest event of all (he skipped Wimbledon entirely).

Connors won the USO in '76 and he won the final over Borg when facing the greatest pressure. He produced his best under pressure -- AND he was more consistent than Borg from day to day in the smaller events, winning far more titles and taking fewer losses.

Lendl in '82 was more consistent than Connors in the smaller events, but at the biggest events of the year he faltered (or didn't even try) while Connors won them. Totally different story.

I do think that Lendl is closer to Connors in '82 than he is normally given credit for. I say that not because Lendl won a huge haul of titles; I don't necessarily find a high number of titles, by itself and without context, to be impressive. I say that Lendl is close because he won Dallas and the Masters, and those were high-pressure events. They did not carry the pressure of the Slams, but they were nevertheless important events and Lendl won them.
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