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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Yes post a quick video if you could so I don't misinterpret. Or even a video of someone else doing something similar that you are referring to if possible.
Sorry it took so long, got of topic with the other thread. Here's a vid of me slowing the swing down to show the wrist drop. Since I was altering the swing speed, I wasn't 100% consistent, but the general idea is shown every time. The first one is the best i think, there was so much natural motion from the drop that i hit the back of my calf haha. With a full speed swing, the racquet head doesn't drop down as much, but still has the big supination. Btw, this was using Nadal/Novak's hammer grip.

and this is the vid of nadal ive been watching lately, he gets the racquet so far behind his back it's silly.
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