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one day you're going to look at that vid and say 'omg. wth was i thinking??'

lol.. been there done that. but sorry. you're not getting it yet. i know exactly what you're going through.

If I were you I would forget what you're doing right there and don't shadow that anymore. It's not correct so no need to reinforce it.

and ... ok.. that grip.... u are definitely approaching hammer grip there. something's a little weird with it. not sure yet. I'd have to see a clear pic of it.

I'll grab some screenshots and show you why what you are doing in that vid is wrong... 30 mins

while i do that answer this...
to do what you are trying to do (get ssc etc etc) is the same as if you were holding a piece of rope the length of a tennis racquet with a tennis ball connected at the end of the string. now lets say you are holding the rope and a tennis ball is heading towards you over the net and you have to hit the oncoming tennis ball with the ball that is connected to the 27inch rope you are holding. you have to whip the ball around on the rope and hit the oncoming ball. get it?

if you were doing that do you think your swing and rope path would like the swing and racquet path in that vid you just posted?
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