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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
I hope you're not swinging like u were in that last vid. that would be pretty messed up.

Regarding Nadal, Yea i guess. He has a more violent motion.
There prob is some wrist drop (a result of a loose wrist), but not to the level that was in the video. For the video, to make sure there was enough time to see what I was talking about, I delayed the forward swing. That may have been what I was doing all along and made me think there was a big supination. Well, ya there'd be, if you don't swing forward to get to the natural pronation, there's nothing to balance out the supination haha. Idk, I thought I had picked up on something, but it doesn't occur in a real play setting.

I will get video of my regular fh pistol grip strokes, me trying some fh hammer grip strokes, and the western forehand I can hit with a "standard" hammer grip (knuckles all on one bevel) strokes up soon.
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